2020 Fares

We are pleased to share the 2020 fares with you. Recently approved by the National Park Service the details are here on our website.

Sperry Chalet also has approved fares and an operating schedule. The 2020 details are coming together, we are looking forward to helping you plan your chalet adventure when we begin accepting reservations on January 13.

Merry Christmas!

2020 operating dates

Granite Park Chalet will be open June 29 through September 12 next summer.

We are still working on fares and all the details surrounding Sperry Chalet. We are still on track to begin accepting reservations on January 13.

Happy Trails

End of the season

It has been another amazing Glacier summer of hiking and adventure. We are glad you visited.

Time has come to prepare for winter snow, sort the summer photo album, clean our boots, and start daydreaming about the next chance we will get to relax in the Granite Park Chalet dining room.

I am sure that a great many people have questions about the 2020 season. We do not know much right now. We will begin accepting reservations on January 13. Sperry Chalet is still on track to re-open next year. We are working on the particulars of the operating dates and fares. Check back later this fall for all the details.

Happy Trails

All trails to Granite Park Chalet have reopened!

Good morning,
As of Tuesday morning, August 20, all trails into and out of Granite Park Chalet have been reopened. Please enjoy your hike, observe your surroundings, and always be bear aware.

See you in the gorgeous high country of Waterton/Glacier international peace park!

Monday trail status update

All Granite Park Chalet trails will remain closed today. There is no access on the Highline, the Loop or Swiftcurrent Pass. We are reaching out to all guests affected by this closure.

We expect to get more status updates as the National Park Service rangers evaluate the grizzly bear activity in the Granite Park area. We hope to learn about NPS plans for tomorrow's trail status later this afternoon.

Chalet guests that are planning to arrive tomorrow, Tuesday the 20th, may contact our reservation office for the latest information.

All trails into Granite Park Chalet closed

The National Park Service has closed all trails into the Granite Park Chalet area on the evening of Sunday the 18th. This is due to unusual grizzly bear activity. Park rangers are planning to investigate the area on Monday morning, we do not expect to have any updates on Granite Park trails before midday Monday.

Chalet guests planning to arrive on Monday are invited to contact the chalet office between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm for the latest information. At this time we do not know when the trails will open again.

Guest and campers currently in the Granite Park area can depart along the Loop Trail or the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail, the Highline Trail will be closed in both directions.

The National Park Service will provide us with updated information as soon as possible, but we do not expect any new information before Monday Afternoon.

Highline Trail open again

Glacier is a land of many surprises, and this is a fun one. Please enjoy the Highline Trail safely. The trail remains posted for bear activity, so call out your presence, carry your bear spray, and be safe out there.

Happy Hiking

Highline trail closed

The National Park Service has closed the Highline Trail from Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet due to bear activity. There is currently no forecast for how long this closure may last. You can check for the most current trail status information online or through any visitor center.

Granite Park Chalet remains open and accessible by the Loop Trail on the west and the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail on the east. We are looking forward to having you join us.

The Highline Trail is open!

The Highline trail officially opened at 2pm on July 3, 2019. Please use extreme caution as there are numerous snowfields. Hiking poles and yak trax are recommended when crossing snow patches. Looking forward to seeing you at Granite Park Chalet!


Summer fun at Granite Park Chalet

Granite Park Chalet is open, the mountains are beautiful, the spring wildflowers are going crazy, and we just heard that the Highline Trail has opened today. Yay! Let's go put some trail under our boots. We can't wait to see you in the mountains.


Our 2019 menu is ready. Ordering from our retail menu is a great way to improve your Granite Park Chalet visit by carrying less in your backpack and worrying less about your meals. Order at least two weeks ahead of your visit and your selection will be waiting in the kitchen for when you arrive.

Find the menu here.

Happy Hiking!

Signs of spring

The usual signs of spring are showing up in Glacier country. The bears are starting to emerge from hibernation and the Sun Road plows are coming out of hibernation too. I'm not sure where to find the bears, but I do enjoy following the plows:

Be advised, due to the resurfacing project on Going to the Sun Road, Logan Pass will not be accessible before June 21 at the earliest.

And the big question we are starting to hear is when will the Highline Trail into Granite Park be open? The answer to that is no one knows. Typically it is sometime in the first week of July, but Mother Nature always has final say.

If it helps, here are the Highline Trail opening dates from the last ten years:
July 4, 2018; July 6, 2017; July 6, 2016; July 1, 2015; July 17, 2014; July 13, 2013; July 27, 2012; July 29, 2011; July 9, 2010; July 3, 2009.

We are looking forward to getting on the trail with you.

Thank you!

What an amazing week it has been. It feels so amazing to see first hand how many people care about the little chalets in Glacier National Park.

If you have not heard back on your reservation request, sorry, we know that Email can get held up for a variety of reasons. Check your junk mail folder just in case. All successful reservation will also be getting a confirmation by postal mail.

If we were not able to award your reservation, we are so very sorry. We know you love the chalet and Glacier and that you planned for a long time. It breaks our heart too. Please don't give up all hope. We know that cancellations and new openings do happen for lots of different reasons. Keep checking back periodically through the spring.

We appreciate you! Thanks for your enthusiasm and we are looking forward to all the exciting adventures that will be happening this summer.

Accepting reservations

We are very sorry for the technical problems with the opening of our reservations this morning. Our website ought to be recovering and we are currently taking reservation requests.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Here in the office we learned some good lessons today about being prepared for contingencies and being adaptable. Lessons that can apply to the mountains too. We are also learning some new website management techniques to help us with the unprecedented number of people trying to reach us.

We are grateful for everyone that enjoys Granite Park Chalet and wants to join us here.

Monday Reservations

We are excited and looking forward to helping you with 2019 reservations, starting Monday, January 7 at 8:00 am Mountain Time zone.

The current government shutdown is not changing our plans or schedule. We are accepting reservations on the assumption that Glacier National Park will be open during our summer operating season.

The reservation request form will be available on our website beginning at 8:00 am. Any early requests are discarded.

We recommend that you use our website rather than call. The phone line is sure to be congested and it will be difficult to connect with us. The only phone help we can provide is to enter your information into the online form for you. Going straight to the website yourself will get you better results.

All requests are filled on a first come first served basis. Once you have entered a request there is nothing to be gained from more requests, your first submission will have the best chance at success. Be sure to tell us all your potential stay dates and contingencies.

We personally review all incoming requests and the process can sometimes take several days. Thank you for your patience.

Please be mindful that Granite Park Chalet is the smallest hotel in Glacier National Park and has the shortest operating season. We wish we could serve everyone that wants to stay with us but we know we will not have enough occupancy. If we are unable to create a reservation for you right away, keep checking back through the spring. Cancellations and new openings are common, there may yet be an opportunity if you have patience and persistence.

Good luck.

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