Highline Trail is open

Did you hear? The Highline trail from Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet opened this past week. There are still some patches of snow to cross, but they are melting quickly. No hazards to report at any of the water crossings. Be sure to get an early start and enjoy your hike.

Happy Trails

Granite Park Chalet is open

It has been a beautiful springtime here in Glacier National Park and we are super excited for your visit. Lets have some great hiking this summer!

The Highline Trail from Logan Pass remains closed for dangerous snow hazards, but the Loop Trail is in great shape. There is some snow left at chalet elevations, so be ready with good boots and sunscreen. There is still more snow at higher elevations, hikes to Swiftcurrent Lookout will be ambitious for the next couple weeks. The Swiftcurrent Pass trail has some lingering snow too, be super careful if you try that trail. Be sure to check the trail status reports as you plan your hike.

The Going to the Sun Road shuttle will be starting service on July 1. The chalet guest shuttle is running starting today. The shuttles are going to be a good idea this year because parking at the trailheads will be getting congested.

Happy Hiking!

Summer office hours

We are now in the office from 9:00am to 6:00pm seven days a week. (Mountain Time Zone - Glacier Park time)
If you have trouble reaching us by phone, we are probably helping other customers, try again in a few minutes.

Lets talk about travel insurance.

Granite Park Chalet and Sperry Chalet are two of the most unique hotels in our national parks. The wild location and primitive conditions provide both the charms and challenges of staying with us. When you venture into the wilderness to visit the chalets you are exposing yourself to some unique hazards that you would never encounter on other vacations.

We want you to have a fun and safe hike, but Mother Nature could make you change your plans. Entering the wilderness is done at your own risk. The equipment you choose in your backpack can protect you from the wilderness, and travel insurance can protect you from financial loss.

The chalets can not change cancellation policies due to acts of nature. We recommend that you talk with your insurance agent about travel insurance. We believe that travel insurance can be just as important for a wilderness vacation as your backpacking gear.

Be safe out there.

Dinner time

Our pre-order menu is ready for you.

We know Granite Park Chalet can be challenging to plan for, one way we can help is with food. Check out our menu of easy to make and easy to clean up meals. You may always feel free to pack in your own food, we have a great kitchen for you to enjoy. But if an extra snack sounds good or maybe you would like fewer things to carry in your backpack, check out our selection. It is easy to place an order online and we will have your order packed in by mule,waiting for you when you arrive.

Happy Hiking

Trailhead shuttle

Glacier National Park is more popular than ever, and finding parking at the trailheads is more difficult than it has ever been. We want to help make your chalet visit easier with parking in West Glacier and a direct shuttle to your trailhead.

Get all the details on our shuttle here, and call our office to reserve your ride.

Happy Trails

Thank you Lanny Luding,

Our long time friends and chalet visitors may know or have crossed paths with Lanny Luding at some point. We are pleased to announce his retirement.

Lanny started working for the chalets as a teenager in 1954 and has spent over 54 summer seasons caring for the chalets of Glacier National Park. After helping his parents operate the chalets in his youth, Lanny took time off to pursue an education and also spent time in the Army, serving in Vietnam. He returned to Glacier National Park and took over duties as the head of the concession in 1974. Over the years Lanny has done every job there is to do at the chalets, from washing dishes to bookkeeping. He has spent the last ten years offering guidance on our board of directors and assisting everyone here with his wit and wisdom. As of last week, he has officially retired from the board and all chalet duties. So far as we can tell, he intends to spend his new free time being a kid again.

It is impossible to measure the impact Lanny has had on the chalets, his work has helped countless Glacier National Park visitors experience the backcountry in rustic chalet comfort. He is largely responsible for all our management techniques and the best practices we employ to this day. We cannot begin to express how important Lanny has been to the success of Sperry and Granite Park Chalets. We are pleased that the future of the chalets will be built on the foundation he constructed.

Lanny, thank you for all you have done and your lifetime of service. We will miss you around here, but don't let that stop you from enjoying retirement. If you ever want to hike up for a visit I am sure we can find some dishes for you to wash.

Happy Trails

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