2015 reservations, Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations for 2015 will be available soon. We are hearing from many enthusiastic and curious people asking how to go about it. To help everyone out, here are the most frequent questions:

We will begin accepting 2015 reservations on Monday, October 27. 8:00 am Mountain time zone.

What was that time zone again?
Mountain time zone. Glacier National Park time.
Atlantic coast minus two hours, Pacific coast plus one.

Online or phone line.
A form will show up on our website at 8:00am the morning of the 27th. We think this is the fastest and easiest way to request a reservation. Send it in the morning and we will get back to you by Email as soon as we review your request.

The telephone is best for large, complicated, or unusual reservations. We do expect that lots of people will be trying to call us, so plan to spend some time hitting redial after getting the busy signal

When can I expect the reservation request to be confirmed?
Reservation requests are personally handled in the order received, and we usually work through the first batch of them in a couple days. I expect most requests will be confirmed within 24 hours, however high demand may slow us down and some requests may take two days or more to be confirmed.

What happens to Emails or requests submitted early?
Early requests are discarded. They will not be honored or acknowledged.

How much will it cost?
We do not know yet. We are still working with the National Park Service to set and approve the 2015 fare. It will be published here as soon as we know it.

What are my chances of getting the reservation I want?
I wish I knew. The chalets are the smallest hotels inside Glacier National Park and are very popular. Being flexible in your travel plans is one of the best ways to help ensure success. Our request form will let you enter a couple options for dates, be sure to give us the entire range of dates you intend to be in Glacier so we can look for every possible way to fit you in.

Good luck!

2015 Operating Season

We have confirmed our operating dates for next summer.

Granite Park Chalet will open July 1 through September 11, 2015.
Sperry Chalet will open July 10 through September 11, 2015.

We will begin accepting reservations on October 27.


Closed for the season!

What an amazing summer! What incredible people we have met! What awesome hiking! Glacier National Park gave us some real treats this year with amazing wildflower blooms and nice weather. I hope you got to hike your favorite trail.

We will be on shortened weekday office hours as we regroup and get ready for 2015. Reservations for next summer will become available on October 27, the last Monday in October. We will post additional details here as we learn them.

And one more Happy Centennial! to Granite Park and Sperry! We are looking forward to spending another hundred years serving adventurers.

Happy Trails!

End of season office hours

There are only a few more days in our summer. We are going to be closing the office at 2:00 pm as things slow down. Be sure to reach us in the morning or by Email if you have questions about your stay.

2015 reservations and season information are not yet available. Check back in about a month.

Happy Hiking

Yay! Centennial!

We had a blast at our centennial party, thanks to everyone who showed up. We appreciate Jack Gladstone, Brett Bouda, Beth Dunagan, Doug Follett, and all the chalet supporters we had a chance to enjoy some birthday cake with.

More importantly, there is still some great hiking to do in the Park. The chalets are getting some cool and wet weather this week. Be sure your rain gear is close at hand, and be ready for windy conditions up high too. Be sure to bring some warm dry clothes for when the hiking is over.

Have fun out there.

Centennial Celebration!

Today is the day. It is a party for our 100th birthday.

From 2:00 to 4:30 this afternoon there is a public reception in West Glacier at the Glacier Outdoor Center.

Map to Glacier Outdoor Center.

There will be cake and entertainment.
There will be book signings by Brett Bouda The Era of the Chalets
and book signing by Beth Dunagan Welcome to Sperry Chalet.

At 3:00 join us with Jack Gladstone. Blackfeet singer and songwriter.

At 4:00 enjoy a fireside chat with Ray Djuff, author of View With a Room.

5:00 pm invitation dinner.

Happy Centennial Sperry and Granite Park!

Join our Centennial Celebration

Granite Park and Sperry Chalet
Centennial Celebration

Outdoor Public Reception
August 20, 2014
2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Glacier Outdoor Center
12400 HWY #2 East - 1 mile west of West Glacier

Chalet History by NPS Interpretive Ranger Diane Sine
Centennial Cake & Refreshments

Brett Bouda book signing- The Era of the Chalets
Beth Dunagen book signing - Welcome to Sperry Chalet

3:00 pm Jack Gladstone Blackfeet Singer Songwriter Concert
4:00 pm Fireside Chat with Ray Djuff, author of View With a Room

The Highline Trail is open

The snow is melting fast up in the high country and our favorite trails are clearing a little more every day. The Highline Trail is open now, but please be super careful. There are still many snow hazards along the route from Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet, so watch your step and be cautious on the snow.

Swiftcurrent Pass is reported as easily passable now. Feel free to make the hike to Many Glacier.

North along the Highline Trail out of Granite Park still has lots of snow, and the Grinell Glacier Overlook remains closed.

Be safe out there and happy hiking!

Granite Park trail status

It is still a snowy wonderland up in the high country, with lingering snow and wet ground conditions around the chalet. You might appreciate having good waterproof boots and some spare dry socks when you come to visit.

The Highline Trail from Logan Pass remains closed. It will probably be late July before this popular trail becomes passable. Even traveling a short distance from Granite Park Chalet is hazardous due to the high angle snow across the trail.

Swiftcurrent Pass still has some snow cover the last half mile to the pass, but several hikers have been crossing it and are reporting it as passable with caution.

The Loop Trail remains the easiest and best access to Granite Park Chalet for the time being. We would like to encourage guests to use the free shuttle service from the transit centers to relieve parking congestion.

Don't let the snowy conditions stop you from visiting. It is beautiful in the backcountry, and the weather has been glorious. Do come prepared though. Waterproof boots, trekking poles, hats, sunscreen and sunglasses will help you enjoy your visit.

Happy hiking!

Going to the Sun Road status

The National Park Service is planning to open the entire length of Going to the Sun Road soon. We do not know exactly when, but we think it will be before the start of the July 4th weekend. We will continue to shuttle chalet guests from Apgar Visitor Center past the road closure to The Loop trailhead until the road is open to the public.

After the opening we will not be running our guest shuttle any longer, the free Park Service shuttle will be available to help you get in and out of Granite Park Chalet.

Parking at The Loop will be scarce and difficult once Sun Road opens, so we want to encourage our guests to continue using the shuttle from Apgar Visitor Center. The parking is much more abundant, and it is nice to be able to enjoy the scenery instead of driving.

The Highline Trail from Logan Pass remains 99% snow covered, closed, and dangerous. We do not expect to see this trail passable for several weeks yet, the earliest possible opening is July 18. Until then, The Loop Trail will continue to be the only access to Granite Park Chalet.

Happy Hiking!

Summer Office Hours

Starting today, June 30, we are keeping our summer office hours.

We will be available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, every day until we close in September.

Our office can be reached at 888-345-2649

Happy Hiking!

Early season access to Granite Park Chalet

We are learning from the National Park Service that Going to the Sun Road will not be open to vehicle traffic by our June 30th opening date. We currently have no information as to when Sun Road will have complete vehicle access.

Granite Park Chalet WILL be open beginning June 30th. We will be shuttling chalet guests to The Loop trailhead from the Apgar Visitor Center near the west entrance of the Park. We will make sure that all of our overnight guests at Granite Park Chalet have transportation to and from the trailhead.

We understand that the NPS Sun Road shuttle will be available to carry day hikers beyond the road closure to the loop trailhead beginning July 1. Come on up the Loop Trail, we will be happy to see you.

All early season visitors to Granite Park Chalet should come ready for snow and wet ground conditions. Sturdy waterproof boots are important, trekking poles can help with balance. You may want to have sunscreen, sunglasses and hats too.

Glacier is enjoying a beautiful springtime! We cant wait for you to join us.

Preorder Meals

Our 2014 menu is ready for you.

We can help make meals at Granite Park Chalet easier for you. Our menu can take some weight out of your backpack with tasty meals that are easy to prepare and easy to clean up.

Find the details here.

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