June 26, 2020 - Friday

Transportation and parking

Granite Park Chalet is opening on schedule beginning June 29. Going to the Sun Road, on the other hand, does not have a planned opening date. If your Granite Park Chalet reservation is earlier than July 5 we are trying to get in touch with you to arrange your trailhead shuttle.

We know that Going to the Sun Road will not be opening beyond Avalanche Campground before the July 4 holiday. Once it does open your private vehicle will be needed to reach the trailhead. Trailhead parking will be limited and congested, shuttle service is not available this year. Our best advice is to get an early start for your trip into Granite Park Chalet. The earliest hours of daylight are not too early to be moving toward the trailhead.

All Granite Park Chalet access will be via the Loop Trail for the time being. Our best guess, the Highline Trail might open about a week or so after the road opens to Logan Pass. The Highline Trail is very dangerous when snow covered, do not attempt this route when posted as closed.

Happy Hiking


June 4, 2020 - Thursday

Chalet visits in a season of Covid-19

Glacier National Park has announced they intend to begin the phased re-opening on June 8. This means that our chalet season can proceed on schedule.

We have organized our Covid-19 policies, procedures, and plans for you to review. For more information about how the pandemic will impact your plans for a chalet visit please review our Covid-19 information page.


May 28, 2020 - Thursday

Planning to re-open Glacier

We are encouraged by news from the National Park Service that there is a phased plan for reopening Glacier National Park. You can find details of the re-opening plan here: https://www.nps.gov/glac/planyourvisit/openingplan.htm

What we do not have are specific dates for any part of the opening process. We are optimistic that the park will begin opening sometime in June in time for the chalet operating season.

Do not expect all park services or facilities to be available this year. When you make your visit please come prepared:

And please keep Glacier healthy. Do not travel if anyone in your party is ill or has been exposed to others who are ill.

Be safe out there.


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